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Decision reached in the wrongful death lawsuit of teen killed in kayak tour

On 4 July 2012, 15-year-old Tyler Madoff of White Plains, New York died tragically during a hiking and kayaking tour in Hawaii. Tyler’s family filled a wrongful death lawsuit claiming tour guides were negligent for leading teenagers into a dangerous area.

Our Entire Family Is Broken Forever
Our Entire Family Is Broken Forever
Tyler Madoff Still Missing After Fatal Accident

Nearly two years after his death, the courts ruled in favor of Tyler’s parents Michael and Marianne Madoff.

Terms of the settlement, according to Audrey Mcavoy of Associated Press, with Bold Earth Teen Adventures and Hawaii Pack and Paddle were sealed.

However, according Mcavoy, Mr. Madoff said on Tuesday, 4 February 2014, that he hopes tours will be more careful in the future.

“We’re just hoping that other families don’t have to go through this. That was really the main thrust of the lawsuit. We don’t really care about the money.”

Marianne Madoff said that she and her family “entrusted our child to be looked after by people who said they would look after him”

Because of this misplaced trust, “Our entire family is forever broken. There’s nothing worse than the loss of a child. I miss my boy. I miss my child.”

Tyler’s body is still missing.

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