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Deciphering the "female code": What she says

Are you listening to what she's saying?
Are you listening to what she's saying?
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One of the most difficult things for a man to decode is a woman. Men can fix cars, build houses and occasionally help kids with homework. But as for completely understanding and figuring out their women and all of their needs, that’s another story.

What a woman says to a man is extremely important. Women are often more talkative, therefore, they are the linchpin of the communication in the relationship. Men often speak with a specific purpose. However, women will sometimes speak to break the silence. But no matter what, a woman always feels that her conversation is necessary. She doesn’t believe that she’s ever pointlessly rambling. Therefore, it is upon a man to learn to decipher what she says and how it applies to the relationship. It’s tricky, but it can be done.

Here are a few keys to success for the men:

Actually listen – This is not the time for half-hearted efforts. It is important that a woman is heard. Even when the conversation seems to be a little less than important, this can be a trap or a test. In the midst of what may seem to be rambling, something very important may be stated. For example: “I get off at 4 instead of 6 tomorrow, don’t be late picking me up”. Don’t assume she’ll repeat, reiterate or remind you of critical information. She assumes you’re listening, or at least you should be. If you’re not, you’re 2 ½ hours late and in real trouble.

Attempt to understand – Don’t be a know it all. Unless a man is 1000% sure of what the woman is saying, he should ask a question or two for clarity. Consider this: Women are more likely than men to hang out with people that they really don’t like. This speaks to their complexity. Assuming that you know what she meant because you can understand English is just foolish. Be a detective and dig into what’s being said to you in order to avoid conflict.

Be able to read body language – Like men, women speak with their bodies. Unlike men, you can read more into how a woman feels through her body language. Listen to what she says, but watch how she says it and what movements she’s displaying (a woman silently saying yes with a nod is a sign of trouble). Most women are affectionate and outgoing. If she’s not displaying this, a man’s first order of business is to make sure he’s not why.

If he can’t comply, he must tell why – No woman readily takes no for an answer. There must be a reason given! (Hint: “I don’t feel like it” is unacceptable and leads to the body language issues stated above). While women don’t like to hear “no”, they appreciate information. Also, if they can’t get what they want at the moment, they do appreciate a contingency plan that’s readily available. If not now, when? Not that a man should be a slave to his woman’s every whim, but just know that she is keeping track of the effort, or lack thereof, being made.

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