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Deciding to homeschool

By: Bobbi Hammonds

It is never easy making the decision about how to educate children and what is the best environment for them, but many dismiss the joys of homeschooling and that it is completely legal in the state of Indiana.

Homeschooling has been around since the dawn of time. There were not schools, formal thoughts on education, or equality in education for many years, but in a home environment children could always be taught the skills they would need to get through life. When formal schooling environments developed many people were still discriminated against and thought unworthy of education and homeschooling persisted. The funniest thing about how many view homeschooling as an unsatisfactory way of education is that it is the oldest form of educating.

Today is no different than the days past. Every child needs an education and some find it more beneficial to be home-schooled and the curriculum that is available now days is simply amazing.

For our family it took almost two months of planning, asking others, and combing through multiple books and websites full of reviews. One of the most helpful resources that a homeschooling veteran recommended was the“A Well Trained Mind” by mother daughter team Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise and it at the downtown Evansville Public Library (EVPL) on the second floor.

There is so much curriculum out there and so much advice that it is truly an overwhelming decision to homeschool and pick everything a child may need.

Here are some of the best references we found in our mission to homeschool.

For advice on curriculum and reviews there are few better than Cathy Duffy’s reviews. Not only does her website have a comprehensive looks at top notch curriculums she also has a book that can also be found at the EVPL along with multiple other resources on homeschooling.

Another great resource is the open forums on that allow anyone to come and offer up their opinion on certain curriculums and what worked and did not for them. The advice on this website, though helpful, can become very diverse in opinion. It is a good idea to keep in mind how a child learns and their strengths and struggles. Where one family may love Saxon math another may love Math-U-See and that is okay.

It is a big decision to make the leap to homeschooling that means a lot of dedication to educating and planning for any child’s future. Every parent struggles with the idea of failure and wether or not they can truly pull off this endeavor, but anyone who has jumped both feet into the homeschooling world can tell you that we have all been there and the journey is worth the fear.

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Our favorite curriculum is:

Handwriting Without Tears


Total Language Plus


BrainQuest workbooks for supplemental work

Daily Language Review

The Story of the World

Real Science 4 Kids

Barnes and Nobles off Green River Rd. also carries a wide variety of workbooks for homeschooling or extra practice.

Curriculum can be found in all kinds of outlets such as homeschooling swaps, second hand shops, ebay, and special set up forums online. It does not have to cost a fortune to educate. Happy hunting.


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