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Deciding through comparing presidential contender charts: Romney vs Obama

Best faces forward
Wikimedia derivation

Through chart interpretation of both viable presidential contenders, this analysis may help with voting decisions. Hopefully unbiased, first hand experience helps because of the president’s three major planets that match this writer’s chart. A prominence in water signs (Pisces, Scorpio) aids with understanding Romney. Full of diversity, the water sign configurations in Mitt Romney’s chart show a very intuitive person.

Every aspect of an astrology chart is about potential. Like the potential in a light switch, the light illuminates because of electrical connection between either of two poles. As life growth happens, the potential can become either prominent or not depending on motivation, free will and search for self knowledge.

These descriptions are taken from an encyclopedic type reference astrologers often call a “cookbook.” The birth chart traces the location of the planets at the time of birth. Each planet contributes varied characteristics that blend together like ingredients in a recipe. What happens after the ingredients are mixed depends on the process it goes through, and what a subject does to activate it.


His sun sign is Pisces. Pisces is dualistic and symbolized by two fishes. The sign of Ictus used during biblical days marked the safe havens for Christians escaping persecution. He can be unpredictable like the ocean, and he keeps a sense of the “still small voice.” He is sympathetic to a fault. Despite his monetary stature, he lives modestly. People who bought Romney’s Utah home found his ski gloves repaired with duct tape.

Intuition is finely honed. When he’s in a crowd, Romney feels the environment. His business success might be attributed partly to this intuitive capacity. Pisces is a very flexible sign giving Romney the ability to bend, as proven by his ability to work with a senate majority of democrats during his governing of Massachusetts.

Pisces is about compassion, due to an extreme sensitivity factor. He feels the atmosphere in a room or a situation with great acuity. The sensitivity factor blended with the compassion is what motivates his desire to lead the U.S. out of its despair.

Planets in Scorpio give tenacity.

Emotional make up is what the moon sign describes. The moon sign Romney was born under is Scorpio which gives toughness and the ability to regenerate. Also a water sign, Scorpio is compatible and gives support to the sun sign of Pisces.

Romney’s planet of expansion, which applies to accrued wealth, is also represented through the sign of Scorpio. Desire and Scorpio are almost synonymous. The desire, as applied toward accruing wealth, shows in obvious results. A fixed sign, Scorpio is settled in its ways. This aspect compliments and balances with Pisces flexibility.


The president has three planets in Leo that are duplicated in my chart, although one is in a different planetary representation. With the ego behind the Lion’s roar, the Leo aspect is simple to understand. Yet, the point here is to observe a certain lack of flexibility. An example might be the continual stand off with Republican associates in the legislature.

Generosity is another Leo trait. On the down side, Leo’s can be overly dramatic and pompous. Honorability usually applies to Leo. However, the potential for honesty depends on other factors and whether or not the potential is activated. This is where a turn in the road comes in, when the path leads to considering the native’s response to environment.

As mentioned in the president’s chart, he comes from a generation often referred to as the “latchkey kids” (Neptune in Scorpio.) The transmission of moral values that would-have-been gets interrupted when parents are absent or away working a great majority of the time. Neptune in Scorpio in its raw form puts an emphasis on sensuality which could be manifested through excessive desire for power. “Heady with power” is a descriptive quality of Neptune’s association regarding altered states of mind and sensual addictions to sex, food, drugs and so on. The description of the latch key generation involves low scruples based on uncurbed desire. Again, the potential factor is in play, and there are wonderful and successful people from this generation.

The influx of Gemini, the Twins, comes into play in the president’s chart. Gemini is a dualistic sign. Born of the air, the “will of the wisp” is a determining factor of how Gemini mentality and communication potential is played out. Sociable to the nth degree, the Gemini/Mercury influence lies in his charm, fascicle mind, and great oratory ability. Another consideration is how air signs are changeable. His demonstrated love of airplane trips can be attributed here, as well.

The overall binding influence is threaded with Leo thematic. Three planets in Leo have the king of the jungle influence. A big harmless roar is couched within noble considerations. Leos might even be considered domineering.

Unlike his opponent, the ego often supersedes honorable intentions and overshadows compassion. The Gemini factor is about intellect. In his mind, he’s analyzed and sorted out the problems. His actions follow through with decisions made in the intellectual realm. These decisions are based on theoretical hypothesis applied because he thinks that it is the way to “help” a given situation. One chart analysis found at describes a secret ideal that only Obama knows.

Obama has arrived at an intellectual ideology that he would magnanimously bestow on the subjects of his kingdom. He does this through a blend of Leo and Gemini characteristics.

Both candidates want to help

Naturally, a certain amount of Obama’s voter constituency will favor the intellectual, ideological route. Others will appreciate Romney because he's trustworthy and has never been associated with communist or socialist groups. Romney's compassion and sensitivity help inspire confidence Those who have no interest in astrology might simply choose Romney for his business saavy.


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