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Deciding between a sofa and a sectional

A sectional is perfect for a living room that offers family fun and entertaining.
A sectional is perfect for a living room that offers family fun and entertaining.
Victoria Elizabeth Design

If you’ve just moved into a new space or are redecorating your living room, you may be facing a major dilemma: choosing between a sofa or a sectional. There are so many factors when making this decision: What works best in the space? How many are in your household or family? Is comfort or design more important to you (or the room)? How do you plan to use your living room?

It can be overwhelming to take all of these questions into consideration. So here are three major things to think about before you make your decision.


Take a look at your space from the farthest point that you can (usually the doorway). This way you can see the room as a whole. Whether you're new to the space or have lived there for years, take a closer look at the windows and their size, where entryways are located, and even where ground heating vents are. Do you have low windows that might be blocked by a sectional chaise? Or will a sectional make entry into the room difficult? When you take a look at the structural elements of your space (the things you can't change), you'll be able to understand which will work best. And don't forget, most sectionals come in both left- and right-facing options.


Think about how you're planning to use the space and who you'll be sharing the space with. Will you be entertaining often or watching TV? Is it a place where kids and the dog will hang out, or a place you'll spend a lazy Sunday reading? Identify what the function of the space (and the furniture) is and how many people it should accommodate. If you have a smaller space and it's just you and your partner, a love seat or sofa might make the most sense. But if you have kids or a dog, then a larger sectional may be the answer.

Comfort Versus Design

And of course the classic decision: comfort and design, or both? A more traditional living room tends to be one that's laid out with a sofa and two accent chairs, or a sofa and a loveseat. This combination of pieces is also just as relaxing as a sectional when paired with an ottoman. If you’re looking for your living room to feel more elegant or put-together, then try out one of these options. If the room isn't super formal, then a sectional is a great option here.

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