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Decent Sound at a Low Low Price?

The Small Container of Big Sound
The Small Container of Big Sound
Kurt von Behrmann

The GOgroove BlueSYNC DRM

There are an increasing number of portable speakers on the market. From very high priced devices, think hundreds of dollars, to the more much more modest price points, the range is huge. Just as varied are the sizes. From speakers not much larger than a hockey puck to systems that require a handle, choices are abundant in the increasingly competitive arena of Bluetooth speakers.

GOgroove’s BlueSYNC DRM, is a modestly sized, 7.75" x 2.5" x 2.0", portable speaker system that connects via Bluetooth and via an auxiliary input for devices lacking Bluetooth connectivity. This entry into the high stakes arena of sound systems for smartphones, tablets, pc’s and the like has been created for those on the go. At 11.84 ounces, it can easily fit in a backpack or purse without difficulty.

Available for the low price of just $ 29.99, clearly GOGroove is focusing on an audience that needs mobile speakers that are indeed travel friendly that will not break the proverbial bank.

The big selling point that a product like this hinges on are the price to performance ratio. You can go for some very high end sound, but there are tradeoffs. In exchange for terrific audio you will more than likely have to contend with higher costs, and sometimes considerable bulk. Portability and affordably suffer the higher you climb on the quality spectrum ladder.

On the more modest end of speakers, sonic issues can be problematic. The conundrum of how to pack decent sound into a small space has rendered some solutions less than ideal.

Where the BlueSYNC DRM fits in the scheme of things is in the category of respectable highly portable sound at a very very low price. Surprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint. Music comes through loud and clear no matter what style you throw at it. If you are realistic in your sonic expectations, there is a tremendous amount of value packed into a very small case.

Aesthetics can sometimes be secondary to performance and price. GOgroove has not let design become a weak afterthought. With its smooth contemporary lines and uncluttered surface space, the look is decidedly not bargain basement. It looks more expensive than it actually is.

Bluetooth connectivity is a breeze. It should work with any so enabled device without issue. Once it is synced with a device, it does not need to be synced again.

As a speaker phone, the BlueSYNC is more than capable of performing well in this capacity. The microphone incorporated into the body of the device is able to pick up voices from across an average sized room. Voices came through without distortion. Those at the other end of the line will have no difficulty hearing you. For those that want speaker phone functionality and portable sound, there is much to like here.


There are many choices with regards to portable speakers. High end, low end, small size to larger scale, there are compromises no matter what solution you select. If you opt for lower priced speakers, there is always the danger of purchasing a system that provides poor sound quality. Proving that you can combine above average sound, Bluetooth connectivity, speaker phone capability and a very very reasonable price, the GOgroove makes a very compelling argument for being the ideal solution for those that need decent sound in a highly mobile package.

If you take into consideration the limits of such a small system, the sound is amazingly rich and does best some products costing much more. As a decent sound system, GOgroove has a real winner in the BlueSYNC DRM.

For purchasing, select the link below:

Technical Information
Speaker Output Power - (2W x 2) 8-watt Peak
Bluetooth profile: v4.0 / A2DP / AVRCP / HFP
Battery - 1250mAh
Runtime - 10 hours
Dimensions - 7.75" x 2.5" x 2.0"
Weight - 11.84 ounces
GOgroove Web Site

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