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Deceased dogs and cats found buried at Napier's Log Cabin Animal Sanctuary

More dead cats and dogs were found buried in shallow graves at the rear of the rescue.
More dead cats and dogs were found buried in shallow graves at the rear of the rescue.Manatee County Sheriff's Office FB

There was more tragic news concerning rescue dogs and cats at Napier's Log Cabin Horse and Animal Sanctuary on Thursday as officials from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office found deceased cats and dogs buried in shallow graves in the rear of the property reports the Herald

Twenty dead dogs and cats were discovered by officials. On Wednesday, over 300 animals including horses and other farm animals were seized and sent to various local rescues.

Read more information about Wednesday's raid by clicking here.

An investigation continues into animal cruelty and possible fraud charges against the owners, Alan and Sheree Napier, who are reported to still be on vacation.

According to the Sheriff's Office, 12 dogs were humanely euthanized after yesterday's seizure. The dogs were reported to be in extremely poor condition.

The owners' children were allegedly caring for the animals as their parents left town.

Rest in peace dogs and cats.

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