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Deceased 'Bachelorette' star Eric Hill gets controversial exit from the show

Andi Dorfman
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Deceased "Bachelorette" star Eric Hill was lucky to get the first date with Andi Dorfman on the premiere episode of the show, but given his sudden death just last month, many knew that he would not be getting the final rose. And while some expected him to be voted off at a later date, his end on the show had a dramatic flair to it. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on June 5, deceased "Bachelorette" star Eric Hill got quite the controversial exit, which seems odd now considering his sudden death.

Many viewers were questioning why things got so heated between Eric and Andi on the show, which was highly emotional. Desiree Hartsock, who once competed on the show, found the emotional episode hard to watch. Eric had a hard time recognizing the Andi he met on the first date with the Andi who was now dating several other guys, especially after freaking out.

Rather than talk him through the difficult process, Andi showed him the door after breaking down. She even sent him home prior to the rose ceremony. But Desiree thought it was brave of Eric to confront her. “It took a lot for Eric to approach the conversation with Andi about how he had been feeling. I truly don’t think he had any intention on insulting her and it was disappointing to see how it turned out,” she revealed.

Of course, Eric would go home and have a tragic paragliding accident just weeks later. And because everyone knows how intense everything was when it ended, it was difficult to watch. “There was no letting up or redeeming the conversation once Andi was offended so I felt for Eric because he wouldn’t be able to explain what he meant without hurting her more. Sometimes things are just lost in translation but there was no coming back from that conversation,” she revealed.

But Desiree also comes to Andi's defence, saying that it is hard to your 100 percent yourself during a rose ceremony, when you know you are breaking some hearts and shattering some dreams. Do you think Eric was too tough on her? Or do you think he had a point?

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