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Decatur Police Department hosts Self-Protection presentation

Mr. Mosley speaking
Mr. Mosley speaking

The Decatur Police Department hosted a presentation on Self-Protection yesterday for Decatur residents and other interested persons. It was held at the Decatur Recreation Center from 6-8 p.m. Over 100 people registered and most of those who registered attended. Largely, they were residents of the immediate area around beautiful downtown Decatur.

The instructor was Steven Mosley, Department of Homeland Security employee and director of training at the Combat Hard Training Center. The event was organized by Sergeant Jennifer Ross of the Decatur PD. Deputy Chief Keith Lee also attended to show his support and spoke briefly.

The focus of the event was largely on avoiding becoming a victim, rather than fighting off criminal predators. Mr. Mosley outlined his ‘6 Steps to Self Protection’ and explained how people could use them to prevent becoming a victim. The steps, as he explained them are:
1. Embrace the three battles!

  • You vs. You
  • You vs. Your Opponent
  • You vs. the Legal System

2. Live the Prepared Lifestyle!

  • Mental Preparation
  • Have some Physical Skills
  • Understand basic self protection Tactics
  • Know how to use your Self Defense Equipment

3. Be Aware of Your Environment and take Reasonable Precautions!

4. Stop the Assault by utilizing Penetration, Rotation, and Injury!

5. Move to Safe Zone and Immediately Notify the Police of the Attack!

6. Seek Help to Deal with any Post-Traumatic Stress!

It was a very interactive session with the audience asking many questions and receiving advice about possible solutions to their situations. Sgt. Ross explained that although crime in Decatur is quite low, Decatur’s very active social media community can give the impression there is more crime than actually exists.

They explained that it is useful to know non-emergency numbers to report suspicious people or happenings. Also, when using a cell phone, the cell phone may hit the nearest tower, which may not be in the police jurisdiction you are in. The Decatur Police Department number is 404-373-6551.

Mr. Mosley advised the audience to be aware of the Georgia legal code on self defense, O.C.G.A. § 16-3-21, which can be found online. He also mentioned the legal concept of Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy. When one attendee asked, they explained that Georgia has a “Stand Your Ground” law just like Florida, but advised avoiding the use of force whenever possible. Sergeant Ross explained that these same rules apply to police officers, as well.

There was a brief discussion of Mental Preparedness including the commonly used Color Codes of Awareness. Mr. Mosley also touched on improvised weapons, self-defense techniques, and recommended carrying a flashlight as an awareness tool. He stated that for those who keep firearms, training was a necessity.

As the presentation closed, Mr. Mosley and Sgt. Ross touched on aspects of how to be safe without being paranoid. They said “Live your life. Don’t be afraid, just be aware and cautious,“ stating that awareness is 95% of the battle in avoiding becoming a victim.

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