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Debut YA Authors You Need to Read: John M. Cusick

John M. Cusick is a must read YA author.
John M. Cusick is a must read YA author.
John M. Cusick

This is part of a new series highlighting up-and-coming YA authors. These are new YA authors that only have one or two books published but show great promise in the field of YA literature.

John M. Cusick recently published his first YA novel, “Girl Parts,” in 2010. Though this is his first published novel, he is no stranger to the world of Young Adult Fiction. Cusick also works as a literary agent for Scott Treimel NY and handles children’s and YA books.

Although “Girl Parts” sounds similar to the movies “Lars and the Real Girl” and “Weird Science,” Cusick has not seen either movie and claims his inspiration for the story is closer to the old 80s TV show “Small Wonder.”

“Girl Parts” garnered lots of positive reviews, including here at the examiner, and fans will be happy to learn that there is a sequel in the works. Those of you that just cannot wait to find out what happened to Rose will be able to read a short story on the Young Adult Review Network later this year.

You can find more information about Cusick on his blog, follow him on twitter, and like him on facebook.

You can find “Girl Parts” at your local Capital District library.


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