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Debut music video released by singer songwriter Glen S. Wade II (Photos)

On Feb. 17, 2014, singer songwriter Glen S. Wade II released debut music video with song "Here We Go Again." In the video, Wade, who resides in Gainesville, Fla., "calls out" Ronaldo, Lochte and Misty May!

Behind the scenes with Glen S. Wade II and cast creating music video
Behind the scenes with Glen S. Wade II and cast creating music video
Music Video with Glen S. Wade II, Photo: Courtesy
"Here We Go Again"
Shooting "Here We Go Again," Photo: Courtesy

When it comes to Glen S. Wade II and entertainment, the two are no strangers to In addition, Wade is an actor and has previously shared that side of his talents with this Acting and Young Musicians Examiner.

Now, however, the music side of Wade comes full surface with the brand new release of his song "Here We Go Again."

Glen, how did the idea for your song come about?

"Initially I planned on going with another single, but after reflecting how big an impact sports played on my life and the character that team sports builds, I wanted to create a song people listened to before sporting events. I also wanted something that could be enjoyed all over the world!"

What process did you go through in developing this music video?

"I wanted an up tempo and high-energy sound that was motivating but entertaining at the same time. Once I got the beat, I researched a couple of athletes. I was inspired by them and wrote the song in 30 minutes."

In addition to your own, what other kind of talent was used?

"I reached out to DreBeatz91, got the beat and wrote the song. Then I got in touch with Rosalind to sing the hook. Recorded it and sent it off to Klean Beatz. The result, a winning recipe!"

After today, who or what will influence the continued launching of this great music project?

"It will be a digital launch through social media. I'm also banking on word of mouth!"

Wade, with his music video team, has been working on the single "Here We Go Again" (enjoy video above) for quite a while. It looks like their efforts have paid off, as it has gone viral!

To learn more about this singer songwriter and actor go to Facebook, Twitter, and enjoy his music on Facebook's Music Store. Check out "Here We Go Again" music video above!

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