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Debt Strike appropriate response to McCutcheon Decision

There is no government now only banks, corporations, and wealthy oligarch's. Democracy took its final breath's with the Supreme Court decision McCutcheon v. FEC. It is now legal for the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson to buy Congress and even a president.

Essentially the Conservative faction on the Supreme Court once again did what they have been doing since Bush v. Gore. They continued to make up the law and thus codified the principles that money is all that matters and only corporations and the wealthy have the right of participation. If money is free speech this decision and Citizens United before it, silences and leaves the rest of us speechless and denied access to an increasingly totalitarian system of governance.

So what can the rest of us do?

One solution is to push for passage of a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that would state specifically that corporations are not people. Another is a petition process demanding campaign finance reform to get the money out, or street demonstrations or all of the above.

The problem with these ideas is you must assume that somehow, awash with money, our system of elections and they way we address issues legislatively has still maintained some functional aspects to it.

In this regard the last election should be instructive. President Obama and a good many Democrats were elected or reelected to the House and Senate to engage in serious jobs creation to address the problem of at least 28 million unemployed and the long term unemployed, many older Americans with advanced degrees, who have been denied the right to support themselves with gainful employment. Instead both party's have engaged in more deficit reduction including cuts to the Foods Stamp program that put many Americans at risk of food insecurity as poverty continues to rise with the greatest wealth redistribution in history.

In short, most of the responses to McCutcheon and income inequality that rivals any third world country, require Congress people to vote against their vested interests in reelection and to vote against the big money that not only lines campaign coffers but promises even more rewarding work as lobbyists once they are done codifying the rule of the oligarch's. My question for all these idea's is why should they do that?

Well we can vote against them. Sure for another corporate candidate of the other party who will essentially do the same thing because although both party's aren't exactly the same they are enough alike the difference becomes negligible in the phony give and take of pretend legislating.

Political power involves being able to leverage power. Years ago my ancestors learned with holding labor cost the corporation money and when the cost was exacting enough it forced management to negotiate a settlement instead of Banana Republic decisions by decree in the work place. This, by the way is the real reason for Right To Work laws. Unions gave the middle class political power.

Today out sourcing and in sourcing low wage labor has removed the leverage that labor strikes had. We still do have significant power politically in a totally money driven system however.

The one weakness of the oligarch's rule is that they are dependent upon our compliance with paying debts that have been essentially created by driving our wages back wards. The only real solution then is to refuse to continue to pay our student loans, credit cards, and mortgages, not forever, but like a labor strike, until we are given access to political power in the form of jobs creation not deficit reduction, raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations to where they pay their fair share, passing legislation codifying the right of all Americans to be in a labor union, passage of the 28th Amendment stating corporations are not people and removing private finance of our public elections, and addressing our crumbling infrastructure, unfair trade treaties, and global climate change.

This would very quickly place most of the too big to fail banks on the brink of failure. Something that needs to happen so that we can restructure the whole financial industry. It might bring the whole Wall Street house of cards to the brink of ruin. Another desirable outcome since they used our bailout money last time to lobby against legislation to benefit the middle class. Their high stakes casino gambling is based on our mindless compliance with paying our debts instead of questioning the whole structure of wages and income in this country.

If the wealthy have the right to the highest profit on their investment why shouldn't labor have a corresponding right to the highest wages for our investment of our time, labor, and expertise on the job? So the real question becomes were we loaned money at interest that should have been and once was in our paychecks?

The only alternative to a Debt Strike is passive acceptance of the loss of our democracy and our being rendered powerless in it. There is no reason for the corporations, banks, or wealthy oligarch's, who now are the government, to heed any of the other idea's because they already control the system.

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