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Debra Medina, Glenn Beck: Puts her foot in her mouth about 9/11 government conspiracy - VIDEO


  • Shecago 5 years ago

    Beck is such a shill the fact that he is trying to go after her proves it, the 9/11 truth movement is a small group that contains family members and other young and older people who have gotten the run around from gov officials who continue to use the event to kill people all over the world and take away our constitutional rights.

    He has come in and claimed the tea parties and tried to turn them into neo-con events, he is a chicken hawk and he has no respect for this country of those who fight and die for it and he pretends that this war is about something other than us going bankrupt and losing our sovereignty along with sarah palin who out of fear created a tea party

    Thank you for writing the article and being fair Medina began getting a lot of support after she was in a debate in Texas and she did extremely well, then the debate organizers tried to lock her out of the next one which caused a backlash since Rick Perry and Kay Baily Hutchinson are considered RHINO Republicans,

  • Mitch 5 years ago

    Beck is such a coward. Notice how he is nice as pie with her on, then as soon as she gets off, he puts words in her mouth and stabs her. I would really enjoy going toe to toe with him as I know I could get him to cry in 30 seconds. BTW, 9-11 truth was the only thing Van Jones got right. When 6 out of 10 of the people who sat on the 9-11 Commission said the results were a fraud I consider that to be a majority. They of all people have seen the evidence. If a president won 60-40 it would be considered a landslide.

  • Sabrina -Chicago Libertarian Examiner 5 years ago

    @Mitch, you're right. It would have been better for him to just confront her face to face about it. But then he might not have had much to talk about then because she prolly would have gone further into detail...

  • Mr Happy 5 years ago

    Glenn Beck is an actor... paid to do a performance. He's there to discredit the labels he claims to represent... he claims to love and defend the Constitution... but then supported the bailouts, the Patriot Act and all the Wars that have destroyed our economy...He's not a Libertarian either... his own actions display this all to often.

    Do yourself a favor and look up the Delphi technique... its what the main stream media has used for years to keep people thinking they have a choice...when their really just being lead to the "solution" that the one's who pay the bills and then collect all the money want.

    Glenn Beck is a stooge... and if Medina does win... I suggest all the able bodied people of the shambles they call Illinois pack up their bags and head to Texas... because things are going to start happening there!

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