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Deborah Smith Ford from theater to books for children

Deborah Smith Ford has been involved with theater, film, television and now has written the children’s book, The Little Apple. Inspired by her childhood, Deborah Smith Ford’s “The Little Apple” is the first in her book series called “Allie’s Adventures.” Ford, so far, has won eight book festival awards, and they include NYC, Hollywood, New England, San Francisco and even one in Paris, France! Her awards include honorable mentions plus a runner-up! Deborah Smith Ford started her writing life by keeping a diary, in the late 80s she began writing children's books for homework in college and then for the fun of it. After raising a family she decided that she wanted to do more with her written work.

The Little Apple is about life on an apple farm.
The Little Apple is about life on an apple farm.
Deborah Smith Ford
Deborah Smith Ford
Deborah Smith Ford

“My mind and heart wouldn't let me keep the original unpublished book hidden.”

She had illustrated her original first draft, however went with a professional illustrator 20 years later and as Deborah Smith Ford states, “the rest is history.”

She had no idea she would have a book series until after the first book, about an apple farm. Now her main character Allie, travels everywhere (all the places Ford has gone in real life of course, with photos to back up her travels).

"The Little Goat In Africa" -the 2nd book in her series, will be launched by spring 2014. Deborah Smith Ford predicts, “More books to follow.”

It is a treat for students to get to listen to her on book tours, Deborah Smith Ford, doesn't just read her books -she speaks on reading, writing and sometimes acting as well.

She has traveled to many schools, libraries, stores, events... speaking in NY, ND, AL, CA, Norway, Miss., FL, and many other locations.

Deborah Smith Ford brings her talents together in the incredible children’s series “Allie’s Adventures.” A true gift for all.


"The Little Apple,"

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Deborah Smith Ford Demo (includes voiceover sample) (Deb's presentation begins at 14.24)

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