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Deborah Hopkinson answers the question: What happened on the Titanic?

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April 15, 1912 is a day that stands in infamy. The magnificent ocean liner the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank beneath the icy North Atlantic seas. Author Deborah Hopkinson explores this infamous tragedy in “Titanic: Voices from the Disaster.” She weaves together the story from various survivors and witnesses to help people to understand the tragedy of that night.

Some of the characters whose story she includes are:

  • Frankie Goldsmith, a nine-year-old
  • Violet Jessup, a young stewardess
  • Archibald Gracie, a well-to-do gentleman
  • Charlotte Collyer, a young mother on her way to start a new life
  • J. Bruce Ismay, a businessman who worked for one of JP Morgan’s companies
  • Frank Browne, a high school teacher

Hopkinson’s book is a thorough examination of the ship, its passengers, and that fateful night. The book opens with a diagram of the ship and peppered throughout are photographs showing the different features of the ship, surviving crew members, and even explorers who found the wreckage of the ship.

Further additions that add great depth to the book are the graphs and research included at the back of the book.

  • an excerpt from the British Wreck Commissioner’s Final Report from 1912
  • the Lifeboat Launching Sequence Reexamined
  • statistics re: who lived and who died

Anyone fascinated with this unfortunate event and the story of the ship and its passengers would do well to have a read of Hopkinson’s book, “Titanic Voices from the Disaster.”