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de Blasio conspicuously absent as Bloomberg still listed on MAIG site

That the MAIG coalition roster does not include new mayor Bill DeBlasio may not be just an oversight.
That the MAIG coalition roster does not include new mayor Bill DeBlasio may not be just an oversight.
Mayors Against Illegal Guns (New York coalition members page screen shot)

Although Bill de Blasio was sworn in as mayor of New York City 11 days ago, a review of the Mayors of Illegal Guns websites coalition members page verified by this column on Saturday shows Michael Bloomberg is still listed for that office.

That makes it fair to speculate whether this merely represents an administrative oversight on the part of the MAIG webmaster, or if de Blasio has not yet made membership a priority for his administration. That speculation, in turn, is made fair by the potential for animosity at the former mayor for characterizing the de Blasio campaign as “racist.”

That hardly means that de Blasio disagrees with his predecessor on guns -- he actually told the Huffington Post he thought Bloomberg had not gone “far enough on gun control.”

“I would hope that he would join the mayors’ coalition, but he’s got other things on his mind at the moment,” Bloomberg said to reporters of his replacement. “But we would certainly talk to him and I would expect him to be there.”

That this has evidently not happened yet may just be a bit of payback, or, if his resentment for past attacks is strong enough, de Blasio may wish to pursue an independent “gun control” agenda without giving any support to the Bloomberg efforts altogether. If that turns out to be the case, it would be a major embarrassment, not to mention a supreme irony, for Bloomberg to lose his flagship New York City at the same time he is expanding MAIG efforts into the states.

It may also explain why MAIG is loath to lose any more members, even those who have demonstrated problematic racial issues of their own: Gordon Jenkins is still on the coalition roster in spite of his offensive and profanity-laced tirade during an arrest that resulted in a one-year suspension of his driver’s license after he refused to submit to a chemical test for a driving while intoxicated charge.

In any case, until de Blasio definitively weighs in, maintaining a presence on the coalition members page appears unjustified and presumptuous, as Bloomberg no longer officially represents New York City.


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