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Debby Ryan’s nose ring attracts more attention than her fashion at KCAs (photos)

The Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards had fans gathered around the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon and believe it or not, many of the youngsters were talking about Debby Ryan. The star is a popular entertainer for the kids and she has always been a great role model. It's odd, but the reason that people were talking about Debby Ryan was not because of her outfit, but she had a nose ring.

Debby Ryan’s nose ring attracts more attention than her fashion at KCAs-slide0
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Sporting a small ring on her left nostril the celebrity walked down the orange carpet of the award show waving to the fans and smiling. While there was plenty of fans screaming for her attention, everyone noticed the distracting sparkle on the side of her face. Some fans thought she might have had sparkling makeup on and other fans suggested it was just a reflection from the paparazzi cameras.

However when the fans realized this was a nose ring, everyone seemed rather shocked. The stars who usually are part of such a big award show are careful not to wear questionable items as their fans are young. Add that the ring wasn't very cute at all and there was reason for the chatter. Some people took offense to the ring and viewers wondered why she felt it was necessary as she is a beautiful woman.

Whatever the reason, her nose ring attracted far more attention than her fashion did on the orange carpet and that is a shame as Debbie Ryan dressed sharp for the occasion.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Debby Ryan at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Do you like her nose ring?

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