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Debbie Rowe will be Paris Jackson's guardian over grandma Katherine's dead body

After the shocking details of Paris Jackson's suicide attempt became public, speculation about who she will live with began to brew. According to on June 6, 2013 members of the Jackson family are enraged at the idea of Debbie Rowe becoming Paris Jackson's legal guardian.

Paris Jackson attends a candle light vigil in Gary Indiana
Getty Images

The biological mother of Paris Jackson has stayed out of the spotlight for years. According to reports by, Rowe and Paris have kept in touch and now have a relationship.

There have been no confirmation's of Debbie Rowe taking over guardianship from Micheal's Jackson mother Katherine. After Paris attempted suicide, a judge ordered an investigation into the child's well being. If the judge finds that Katherine is not a suitable guardian for Paris could very well go to live with her biological mother. reports that the family will fight a guardianship battle to the end. If Paris Jackson's mental health was not being addressed while in care of grandma Katherine, biological mom Debbie Rowe may be an alternative.

Would this be the craziest thing to happen? Surely not, after all this is the Jackson family at the center of scrutiny. Also nothing new for the famous family.


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