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Debate countdown and Examiner job opening

Coastal Empire book cover
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Unless you've recently awakened from a coma or never read one of my articles before, you probably know about my upcoming debate this Saturday, February 4th.

The title of the event is To Believe or Not Believe: A debate on the question of God, featuring the former president of American Atheists, Dr. Ed Buckner.

Previously, I also announced that my last day as the Atlanta Creationism Examiner will be this Friday, February 3rd. After two years of articles in this capacity, it has become time for me to concentrate my efforts on completing the two novels that were in development all of last year.

I will continue to blog at my personal website,

This creates a new opportunity for you to write for the Examiner -- I would assume the position will be filled. There have been several recent improvements in their compensation plan and opportunities created that make it somewhat tempting to stay, but my commitment to complete my fiction writing projects has become firm. I must satisfy the new demand for the sequel to my novel Coastal Empire.

Now let your voice be heard! Become the next Atlanta Creationism Examiner....or look for some other opportunity with the Examiner to write your own articles containing quality information for local readers.

Thank you all for the friendship and interesting dialogue over the last two years. I hope our association will continue in my changing role as a writer.




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