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Death toll climbs to 24 as more victims of Washington mudslide found

Washington mudslide rescue workers have put in countless hours since Saturday trying to locate survivors of the disaster. On March 25, KRO Seattle reported that more victims of the horrendous Washington mudslide have been found. The newest discoveries bring the total number of victims to 24.

As the minutes tick by, hope of finding Washington mudslide survivors starts to dim.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

There have been no survivors found in the debris from the Oso mudslide since the day it happened. As the days wear on, hopes of finding anyone alive begins to fade.

There are still more than 100 people reported missing in the Oso and Darrington areas of rural Washington. It is still unknown if those people are victims of the mudslide. There have also been reports that some of the names on the list of missing persons might be duplicated.

Crews have been working tirelessly to remove debris and rubble and also to search for victims of the disaster. Eight victims were found in the search on Monday and another 10 found on Tuesday. So far, two of those bodies have been recovered and another 8 have been found but not retrieved yet.

Although out of the country, President Barack Obama took the time to communicate with Washington Governor. President Obama proclaimed the mudslide in Snohomish County a national disaster which will enable federal resources and manpower to be used. FEMA and the National Guard have already been dispatched.

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