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Death threats zoo: Copenhagen Zoo staff get death threats after giraffe ordeal

Death threats at the Copenhagen Zoo have started rolling in just one day after news that a 2-year-old giraffe was euthanized at the facility. On Feb. 10, Yahoo! News reported that staff members at the zoo are concerned over the nature of these threats, but none are wavering on their opinions despite the crazy backlash.

As previously reported, the zoo euthanized one of their giraffes in order to prohibit inbreeding. The giraffe underwent an autopsy before it was dismembered and it's meat was fed to the zoo-owned lions right in front of guests. Children were among those who watched the lions feast on the "fresh" giraffe meat.

Many of the death threats to zoo staff have been made via telephone and people aren't holding back. Animal rights activists have been particularly offended by the zoo's decision to kill off an innocent, healthy animal but they aren't the only ones who can't believe that such an inhumane thing went down at the zoo. Do these actions suggest that the people at the zoo should be killed? Evidently some people think so.

"I got direct threats against the zoo, me and my family," said director Bengt Holst. According to the report, a called phoned him in the middle of the night and told him that "he and his family deserved to die."

It's unclear if police are investigating the death threats at the zoo.

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