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Death sentence of Sudanese Christian mother reversed

Miriam Ibrahim and husband Daniel......her death sentence reversed.
Miriam Ibrahim and husband Daniel......her death sentence reversed.
Facebook-Gabriel Wanit

The prayers of countless Christians around the world were answered as Miriam Ibrahim's death sentence was reversed by an appeals court in Sudan, according to an article in today's (Monday, June 23) Christian Post. Miriam Ibrahim was originally sentenced to death after receiving 100 lashes because she converted from Islam to Christianity.

Her ordeal attracted worldwide attention because of the incredibly harsh sentence. Ibrahim has been suffering in a Sudanese jail ever since her conviction and sentence in a court. Under the law of that country it is illegal for a person to change their mind. Converting from Islam to Christianity is a capital offense.

One can imagine the howl of protests which would be raised in this country if the United States Congress passed a law making it a crime punishable by death to convert to Islam.

Thirty-eight members of Congress did sign a letter requesting the U.S. government do everything possible to obtain her release. A letter signed by citizens requesting the same was also sent to the White House.

Ms. Ibrahim has reportedly been chained along with her two children inside her jail cell. She also was pregnant at the time of her trial and was forced to have her baby while confined.

Her attorney Mohamed Mustafa El-Nour confirmed that her conviction and death sentence had been reversed by a court of appeals in that country, according to CNN. It's fortunate someone in that country has some common sense.

Ms. Ibrahim's defense all along has been she was not guilty because she was born a Christian. Her mother raised her in the Orthodox Christian faith in Ethiopia. Therefore she couldn't have converted from Islam because she was never a Muslim.

Her husband Daniel Wani is a Christian and has suppported his wife all along during her season of testing. Her incredible faith and willingness to become a martyr for her beliefs has been an inspiration to many believers around the world.

Although there have been false reports of her release in the past, this one appears to be genuine as he attorney has confirmed it.

Ms. Ibrahim had been charged with adultery for having sexual relations with her husband who is a Christian. The Muslims do not recognize Christian marriages which led to her prosecution and "trial".

Believers around the world might want to consider the heroic behavior of Ms. Ibrahaim when deciding what level of commitment they would pursue in their own lives regarding the Great Commission as set out in the New Testament.

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