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Death Row Dogs of Roswell promised a reprieve on Monday: Mayor to redefine rules

Residents can adopt a dog immediately. Please try to save a life.
Residents can adopt a dog immediately. Please try to save a life.
Death Row Dogs of SE New Mexico

New Mexico's Roswell Mayor Dennis Kentigh has granted the dogs at Roswell Animal Control a stay of execution for Monday and Tuesday, according to Sunday evening's report by the volunteer group Roswell Urgent Animals at Animal Control.

During this time, the shelter will not be accepting any new dogs, however Mayor Kentigh will allegedly be drafting an agreement between the city and all rescues which will have to be signed before any dogs will be permitted to leave the shelter. At this time, all rescues are urged to call (575)-624-6700 for more details on Monday morning.

This tragic chain of events began last week when three dogs rescued from Roswell Animal Control and staying at a private rescue preparing to be transported to Colorado, escaped from their kennels and attacked a nine-year-old child as he fed and watered his horses at his home.

The child was flown to the hospital for emergency treatment, and was released the next day. He received multiple bites, scratches and abrasions, but is expected to make a full recovery. The youngster's father, a Roswell Police Department detective, shot two of the dogs; the third dog is currently in quarantine and will be euthanized after the required holding period.

Within hours of this tragedy, however something went awry; 19 adoptable dogs and puppies with tails wagging and futures only hours away, were held down and euthanized; nine more were scheduled to die early Monday morning.

On Thursday Mayor Kentigh swept a ban on rescues pulling out shelter dogs and widened his decision on Friday prohibiting any rescue organization in New Mexico from pulling any dogs out of Roswell Animal Control.

Animal advocates and Roswell residents were outraged. Nearly 500 posts have been written on Mayor Kentigh's page - mostly in criticism of the arbitrary decision to punish every person and every dog since the unfortunate accident with the child.

Mayor Kentigh stated he was considering raising adoption fees, and ordering background checks on all animal control workers. Most rescue organizations barely make ends meet, and most people are volunteers who spend hours of their own time trying to help dogs and cats abandoned by irresponsible owners find new homes.

For contact information on Roswell Animal Control: 705 E. McGaffey, Roswell, NM 88201

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