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Death row dog at Miami-Dade shelter: Wait till you see Shelby now

Just a month ago, Shelby reached her paw out beneath the wire cage that held her prisoner in the high kill shelter of Miami-Dade County Animal Services. No one seemed to care about the filthy two-year-old dog whose irresponsible owner tossed her away like yesterday's trash; that is until a volunteer from a social media networking site posted her photo online, and her story hit the media.

Look at me.
Urgent Dogs of Miami
From raggedy to beautiful, look at Shelby now!
AmsterDog Rescue, Urgent Dogs of Miami

The American bull dog and boxer mix was rescued by AmsterDog, a New York nonprofit, whose volunteers flew to Miami and made the amazing rescue of Shelby possible.

Shelby was transported to the Northeast and treated for an upper respiratory infection, fleas and ticks, and slowly rehabilitated back to a normal weight.

And now - one month later - look at Shelby!

From the pathetic pooch who tried to paw her way out of her miserable prison, to a 60 pound, sweet and loveable dog, Shelby is ready to be adopted. She is reported to love everyone, gets along with children and other dogs, and adores car rides.

Is Shelby the girl for you? Interested in adopting Shelby. Click here for more details or call (917)-689-8414.

Follow her latest thread on Facebook, and this one promises to make you smile.

Please make sure you check out the "before" and "after" photos of Shelby in the slide show, and know that sharing certainly saves lives.

Many thanks to the kind volunteers of Urgent Dogs of Miami who continually work at networking these beautiful dogs.

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