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Death penalty debate

Lethal injection
Lethal injection

Death by lethal injection, shooting, hanging, gas chambers….all means of ending life under the death penalty. Most of these methods take an average of 5 minutes tops.

How can people not think about how long victims are tortured and how slow their deaths are?? Think of the countless victims kidnapped and how many hours they endure being raped and tortured before being killed.

Courtroom prosecutors have shown juries how long it takes to strangle a victim counting the minutes and seconds down by the clock. How long does it take a victim to bleed out while choking on their own blood? How long do you have to hold someone underwater before they quit breathing? These very thoughts make most people want to stop reading about these horrible atrocities and are sickened by them. Yet, there are those who are against the death penalty, obviously not considering the victim and families involved.

Staunch anti capital punishment bleeding hearts need to get a clue. Read some true crime stories (much more detail than a short TV version of the actual crime). It is quite common for crime scene photographs to show splattered brain matter, teeth and bone shards and fragments scattered, and blood sprayed everywhere like a fine mist.

What is lethal injection?

Lethal injection is the practice of killing a person using a lethal dose of drugs administered intravenously. Two methods of lethal injection exist today, one using a three-drug protocol and another using one large dose of a barbiturate.
Each state that employs lethal injection is legally required to have detailed protocols for its practice, and though the set of rules differ from state to state, the process of killing a condemned inmate varies little, and begins with the lethal injection team securing the inmate to a gurney and connecting him to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine that monitors heart activity. Inserted into the inmate's veins are two intravenous lines (one as a backup) that lead out of a separate infusion room, where members of the intravenous team monitor the initial harmless saline drip.
At the warden's signal, the execution chamber is exposed to witnesses in an adjoining room, and in states that use the three-drug protocol the inmate is injected with sodium thiopental or pentobarbital, anesthetics intended to put the inmate to sleep. Presumably after a member of the intravenous team determines the inmate is sufficiently unconscious, he is then injected with pancuronium bromide, which paralyzes the entire muscle system and stops the inmate's breathing. In most cases, the inmate's consciousness is again checked, and finally potassium chloride stops his heart. In ideal circumstances, death results from anesthetic overdose and respiratory and cardiac arrest while the condemned person is unconscious.
The process of lethal injection using just one drug follows nearly the same procedure, except the inmate dies from the one large dose of anesthetic, either sodium thiopental or pentobarbital.
If one was given a choice, it is apparent that lethal injection, being hung or shot would be practically instantaneous and preferable to the way most murder victims die.

Why is there such outrage and public demonstrations against the death penalty then? Lack of knowledge comes immediately to mind.

I recall in school taking a Debate class. I was quite confident that I would be able to best anyone I was assigned to debate against because I had the ability to reason things out, use common sense, and verbalize these thoughts. The teacher handed out the first assignment, which was to argue pro or against capital punishment. My mind began racing with all the idealistic thoughts a young teen has. I could never be a proponent for the death penalty no matter what! Our teacher questioned each of us as to our stance on the subject topic we had been assigned. Then, to my shock and horror, she informed me that I had to debate in favor of the death penalty! I clearly thought she had misunderstood me when I stated I was totally against it. But no, that was the twist in the assignment, having to argue the opposite side of your beliefs. After many hours of research and discussion, I was prepared for my day of debate. That was the day my eyes were opened to the possibility that there were evil cases deserving the death penalty! I won my debate!

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