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Death on Monday

Lord help us!
Lord help us!

Today is Monday February 22, 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida. It looks like a typical day in the big city. They say thunderstorms are coming and we should prepare for possible big rain. O.K., we’re getting used to it by now, at least we should be after the crazy winter we’re having. Suddenly…shots ring out! There are reports of a shooting at a Baymeadows McDonalds, followed by a frantic high speed chase through the heart of the city!

What in the world has this place come to?? We were once heralded as the “Bold new city of the South” and now it seems we’re the “Bold new city of the bullets”! Crime has run rampant in our town over the last decade to a point where we’re not even mentioned anymore in the most desirable places to live in Florida! Why?

Excuse me a moment…I’m getting old and my mind wanders. It occurs to me that just recently we lost a 17 year old girl to a senseless crime who went to a Christian school and she was killed by two of her peers!

For the love of God, what is going on??

I am calling out ALL Christians!! We must take back this community! I realize in recent months a coordinated effort by Pastors was created in northwest Jacksonville to gird up efforts to stop gun related crime and that is great. Is there going to be an effort on the Southside now that ANOTHER tragedy has happened?

The Apostle Paul warned Timothy in the New Testament that lawlessness is going to rule the nations in the last days and it is brutally apparent to me that we are there! The only thing that will cure this violent plague is an intervention from Almighty God himself!

God has a plan for the world and I believe He is sovereign and His will is perfect. However, that does not alleviate Christians from teaching, praying and attempting to reach a lost world for Christ, even in these violent last days.

We must dedicate ourselves to prayer and bathe this city in it. We must teach our children and families the truths and morality of the Word of God! We must lift up the civic and spiritual leaders of our community in prayer and beg God for guidance and leadership to bring us through these brutal times. Our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ is our only chance.

We need to lift up our broken city to Him… or buy a bullet proof vest.
God help us!

Reverend Robbie
February 22, 2010


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