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Death of Archie Andrews reflects silent generation, their expectations

Even those of a certain age may have never followed the Archie Andrews comic strip. In his alternate U-verse, the poor bloke is scheduled to be killed off in a Riverdale shooting. Alyssa Rosenberg may have touched on a pertinent keynote in her sense that the strip closure was inspired by graphic artist superheroes adapted in their cinematic reboots, but the denouement of the figure boomers may have seen as dope, since no one is that square, signifies the post-war generation play book is all but dead and buried.

Surprise is indeed the operative word. Surprise that Archie's social mores still have enough currency for syndication points to an alarming number of blase mid westerners who enjoy staid activity. Archie may not have known which lifestyle he aspired to, as represented by Betty and Veronica, but the country that sentimentalized Archie's quotidian ambitions outdated him long before news gathering went virtual.

He was swallowed up by identity politics. My generation embraced this with a vengeance, and now everyone has their hand in the til. We're evangelicals, atheists, disability activists, gay marriage advocates, right wingers. The good boys who did their duty, served, and had a choice to make between a conventional lifestyle over something more affluent, they're dead.

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