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Death of a loved one

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Life is fleeting. Every single moment of it is precious. It is up to each of us to give meaning to this existence. Everyone should be preparing for the moment we’d all like to pretend doesn’t exists.

We will all face the moment of death. All life grows old and dies, just as all possessions will rust away.

Death is always traumatic, but there is a supernatural side to death as well. It is not always tangible and it may be difficult to see, but if you look hard enough you can see residual spirit.

We live beyond this human existence; our body is but a shell. After we leave our bodies and this plane another path awaits us. This new path will have new tasks for us to accomplish.

This is why it is so important to release your loved one and let them move on. They will continue to look over you, even while doing other work on the other side. Our loved ones are part of daily life and they are always available for guidance and protection.

Loved ones who pass on watch over us. They appreciate being acknowledged in prayers. Their love for you is unconditional and goes on forever. If ever you need their support, just ask. You are never alone. Their love is always there, protecting and surrounding you.

Even in the spirit state souls can reach out and make a difference. They are with us when we need them. They watch out for us and come when we call them. Their care and protection knows no boundaries.

It is always traumatic when you lose someone you love, but loved ones can come to you after they leave their physical body. Look for signs of their presence. The spirit world will try to connect to you in some way.

Human, Spirit and Earth are as one and cannot be separated. When a loved one who has passed on comes to you there is a reason. They may have advice on the decisions and choices you are making in your life.

Even during times of trauma, our first duty is to the Heavenly Creator. Let this stay forefront in your mind as you go throughout your daily life. If you imprint your mind with reverend conduct, this practice will lead you to happiness.

It is important to take the time to reflect on your relationship to God often. Your being moves through God. You live through God. God is part of your path. God knows your heart and your thoughts.

Believe in energy. Believe our spirits go on. Believe in the afterlife. Believe love transcends time.

One day your time of this existence will be over and you will be held accountable for this life. Life is a gift, don’t waste it. Prove to God you are worthy of redemption.

Be true, honest and just in your actions. Praise the pure and virtuous. Peace comes to those who meditate on these things.

Remember, you are always guarded, guided and protected along your path. Everyone has a guardian angel. They are always trying to communicate with us and assist with our spiritual development. They are a hidden strength inside you.