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Death goes green with organic burials

Death goes green with organic burials
Death goes green with organic burials

You can now be green until even after the last breath you take! According to a feature published today, March 21, 2014 in the Washington Examiner, one of the latest trends in burials is being organic.

What is a "green" burial? Rather simple. It is being buried with out a casket (or other device of eternal caging). You are simply wrapped in a shroud and lowered into the ground to decompose. Yes, you become fertilizer!

At the forefront of this green burial rage is the famed Historic Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC, which has been certified as a Hybrid Service Provider by the Green Burial Council.

“Green burial options are increasingly popular with pre-planning baby boomers and other socially and environmentally conscience individuals,” said cemetery president Paul K. Williams, “and with the designation, we are proud to be the only cemetery in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region to qualify to date.”

According to the published article, "burial must take place in an eco-friendly container such as wicker casket or plain wooden box without hardware. Some individuals wish to be buried only clothed in a shroud, which the cemetery also allows as part of its new designation." Congressional still has 2,000 plots open, on sale for $4,000-$8,000.

For those thinking this is barbaric and/or disrespectful well... this is how Jesus was buried thus you have the famed Shroud of Turin! If it was good enough for the big "J," then it is for you.