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Death Comes Again To Fort Hood

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An argument between two soldiers spilled over to take the lives of four people and also sending 16 to the hospital. The base immediately went on lock down and the event sent waves of fear once again over this Texas military base. You see back in 2009 Army Major Nidal Hasan opened fire and killed 13 soldiers. This has been termed a terrorist attack and Hasan was convicted and received a death sentence for his attack.

This time it seems Spec. Ivan Lopez simply had a breakdown and at first implications this shooting could be from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Lt.Gen. Mark Milley stated at a news conference that Spec. Lopez had mental and behavioral issues and was taking anti-depressants for his problems. He was also being evaluated for PTSD. Milley stated that Lopez opened fire with a .45-caliber Smith and Wesson and when he was finally confronted by a female MP he then shot himself ending the ordeal.

Of course everyone is speaking out about this incident, from the President, Secretary of Defense, and the community. All are wanting to lay blame somewhere for this shooting. The problem is that for some they just can't figure out that their are people who are not getting the proper medication for problems that they are experiencing. Some people just can't take the normal prescribed medication and that sometimes it just sends people over the edge.

I know if it was only that simple to just say that about what happened yesterday. Right now you have four dead and many who will carry yesterday in the heads for many years to come.

Speaking as a person from a military family it is something that is hard to swallow. You see when you speak about the military family you are not just speaking about a husband and wife but you are speaking from the perspective of anyone who has ever worn a uniform of the United States military, these are your family. You see four people of our extended family were killed yesterday. Even Spec. Lopez was family and all we can do is pray for his soul and hope we can catch the next one who does this sort of thing. Semper Fi.



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