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Death-Chain 2

A gay-friend young adult novel
A gay-friend young adult novel
Rhett Holt

Death-Chain is an epic fantasy adventure book series for young adults that offers a gay lead as its main character. In 2011 by Rhett Holt launched his first authored book under his own name. that book received a great uptake and since then it has been downloaded over 18,000 times. Unfortunately, the only real problem with that was that the downloads were all illegal.

A gay-friendly young adult novel
Rhett Holt

For a $1.00 book, barely 10 people paid for it. Since then Holt has been asked quite a bit, “When will the next part come out?” Well, without making any money off his last book, Holt’s work has taken up most of his time and he tells us that progress is slow. However, recently he received another particularly pleading request to finish the book and he became inspired, but tells us that it is going to take a month. A month off work that he really can’t afford. The other day, his partner suggested the he try Kickstarter. That is to say, get the book paid for before it is written and use that to take the time off to write.

“So here I am,” Holt begins “asking to bring Elliot and Tack to life in a fantasy adventure series for young adults. A story with gay leads. To finish the book I started four years ago.” If he can get fully funded he will be able to finish off the book.

Excerpt: “As simple as a pretty set of eyes, and a perfect arse, calves, hair, face, neck, teeth, arms, torso, stomach, knees, feet… STOP you blithering idiot!

I bet his penis is perfect too.

You have gone to ribbons over a man.

Pretty colourful decorative ribbons like the ones that could curb the seats at our...

Kill yourself now for that thought right now. I cannot stand this feeling. He is occupying my entire thought process and I am powerless against my own pathetic… I think I thought of never washing my right hand again. Punish yourself for that too!

Oh God if I ever did you anything worthy enough for an almighty favour. Make these thoughts go away!


According to Holt, most of his work here is done. The core of the book is finished. It just needs some intense quality-time for final edits. The only risk here is that he dies before it is complete. However if that happens, a letter will be sent to my editor, who will finish the book for him.

For anybody who would like to read a draft sample of the work, Can go here.

This project will only be funded if at least $8,000 is pledged by Wed, Aug 6 2014.


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