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Death By Cemetery’s requiem recital at Phil’s Radiator

Death By Cemetery’s requiem recital at Phil’s Radiator.
Death By Cemetery’s requiem recital at Phil’s Radiator.
Sean Beeman

Death By Cemetery summoned instrumental enthusiasts at Phil’s Radiator, on Feb. 21. They were the opening act, along with Gozer. Burns Like Hell was the direct support and Sally Majestic was the headliner.

Death By Cemetery’s requiem recital at Phil’s Radiator
Sareth Ney

Ernest Garduño is the guitarist, Travis Marshall is the bassist and Zack Blanc is the drummer of Death By Cemetery.

Blanc struck his cymbals multiple times, before Death By Cemetery began with “Orchid Palace”. Shortly after—he stood up from his drum stool, waved his drum sticks in a backward circular motion, let out a yell, sat back down and continued to perform with his band mates. Members of the crowd head banged, as the music continued on. As Garduño played—he stepped on one of his guitar pedals to manipulate the sound, Marshall intensified the instrumentals and brought the song to an end.

Without pausing, Blanc led the way by striking his drums and immediately began “London Square”. Meanwhile—members of the audience formed a mosh pit, near the back of the venue. Shortly after, Marshall accompanied Blanc and Garduño chimed in. Every so often, Garduño would play the handle of his guitar. Then, Marshall and Blanc would accompany each other and alternated instrumentals with Garduño.

Prior to “Foothills of Olympus Part II”—Garduño tuned his guitar, walked up to the microphone, tapped it three times and checked if it was on. After the tapping echoed through the speakers, he stated the names of the first two songs. He mentioned how much he did not like playing “Orchid Palace” and decided to play it. Then, he thanked Gozer for opening up the show. Afterwards—Blanc stood up, struck his drum sticks together rhythmically and the crowd clapped along with him.

Garduño acknowledged Burns Like Hell’s drummer, Joe Vigil, and wished him a happy birthday. He introduced the next song, “The Ripper”. He went onto thank everyone in attendance for supporting the local music scene and encouraged everyone to stay for the rest of the show.

Before ending Death By Cemetery’s recital with “Foothills of Olympus Part III”, Blanc ended the way he started the show. He stood up and struck his cymbals and let out another yell. Garduño allowed his guitar to screech through the monitors, as the song came to an end. Soon after, members of the audience shouted out their compliments.

“Dreams of A Sleeping Giant” were also part of Death By Cemetery’s set.