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Death By Cemetery’s paranormal activity at Phil’s Radiator

Death By Cemetery’s paranormal activity at Phil’s Radiator.
Death By Cemetery’s paranormal activity at Phil’s Radiator.
Sean Beeman

PUEBLO, Colo.—Death By Cemetery added horror themes to The First Friday After Party at Phil’s Radiator, on May 2. They were the headlining act. The event was hosted by stand-up comedians, Clint Stewart and Paul Rosales. The opening acts were stand-up comedians: John Bueno, Matt Chapman, Rosales and John Brown. The direct support was stand-up comedian, Chris Rivera.

Ernest Garduño is the guitarist, Travis Marshall is the bassist and Zack Blanc is the drummer of Death By Cemetery.

Garduño greeted the audience and asked them to praise the audience, before Death By Cemetery began their recital with “Orchid Palace”. After introducing the title, he mentioned it was one of the first songs they had written. He said he was debating on whether to play some or all songs from their arsenal. As the song began, a spectator stood near the side of the stage and head banged along with them. Garduño performed a solo; Blanc soon accompanied him and later Marshall.

After performing “Dreams of a Sleeping Giant”, three fans put away their raised and lit up lighters. Garduño mentioned Death By Cemetery had a music video out for it and it was viewable on YouTube. He mentioned Stewart directed the video for the song. Afterwards, he hoped everyone in the beer garden outside of the venue were able to hear him speak and to check them out on various social networking sites.

Blanc quickly struck his cymbals, Garduño’s guitar screeched through the speakers, accompanied by Marshall’s bass line grooves and they embarked on a medley of “Foothills of Olympus I”, “Foothills of Olympus II” and “Foothills of Olympus III”. Garduño spaced his legs shoulder width apart, as he stood near the edge of the stage and head banged. Shortly after, Blanc struck his drum sticks above his head and the viewers followed suit with their hands.

“Carn Dûm” brought an end to Death By Cemetery’s performance. They received a request to play a song but Garduño could not grant the request, for he wanted to try a new song out. He thanked the comedians for performing, switched out his guitar and brought closure. As they performed, an onlooker stood next to the bar and performed with an air guitar. Afterwards, the fans cheered and requested for more song.

John Murphy’s “In the House - in a Heartbeat” and “The Ripper” were also part of Death By Cemetery’s set.

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