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Death and fellowship

A few weeks ago the subject at Friendship Fellowship got real and in-between the music and the prayer people in the room bowed their heads in remembrance. "It hit the staff hard and many of the clients too," a young man tells me as I came in the door. A suddenly hit the group as one of their own had passed away in the middle of the night. "Be available for us" said another staffer, we will need you. The message on this day was that God's promise is that He will always be with us." It was the message anyway but on this day I gave a message that is close to the heart of what Friendship is all about.

Don't forsake the fellowship

We talk about the message that our mission is that "no one goes home a stranger," we tell it to our friends; we tell it to our companions and we tell it to the church who also has a responsibility that "makes it hard for people to go to hell." The reunion factor is a big one. We have great joy in living; sorrow in loss but the fellowship rejoices in the hope of a reunion and that we will see each other again. It is a lonely and sad life that doesn't experience friendship or fellowship and that is the reason why we do what we do.

On a mission

On Wednesday I have the privilege of leading and teaching Friendship Fellowship in Colorado Springs and I see such a wonderful change in people and a progression of people who have the hope of being free to express their faith and their love of God. Recently I spoke at a local church to invite people to join me on this mission. "There is nothing like it," says one of the volunteers. People who have answered the call have fallen in love with God and people with intellectual disabilities. If you would like to climb on board, I would love to talk with you. E-mail me at

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