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Death and Astrology

We’ve had so many celebrities walk on in recent weeks, so people always ask this question of astrologers. “Is it possible for astrology to reveal a person’s time of death?” My answer would have to be no, however, there are death and dying indicators that would have to be taken into account because it’s not one planet, aspect or something that could pinpoint an exact time. We have to look at all planets, several aspects, progressions, harmonic ages, midpoints, transits, etc. If clients asked me could I tell them when they were going to die, I would say absolutely not. Just like your life is in your hands, so is your death. If an astrologer says she or he can tell you when you’re going to die, and does, he or she is not a professional. Remember that. I usually take the time after a person has taken his or her final journey to see what indicators were apparent in the transit, but for every person, the aspects are different.

There are things we look for when searching for death indicators in a person’s natal chart:

  • The 8th house is the traditional death house; we note the cusp, the ruler and the planets in the eighth house.
  • The Ascendant or 1st house, the ascending degree, the ruler as well as exact aspects involving the Ascendant.
  • The Nadir, or 4th house which could describe the end of a matter or end of physical life on earth; the planets in the 4th, the ruler and exact aspects involving the Nadir
  • The 12th house, the traditional self-undoing house; the planets in the house, the exact aspects as well as the ruler.
  • The 45 degree aspect Quincunx (also known as Inconjunct) is a tension point that reveals major changes in life (and death is a major change).
  • Arabic Parts (and there are many which could be considered when looking for indicators)
  1. Part of Death formula 1 is: Ascendant + Cusp of 8th House – Moon
  2. Part of Death formula 2: Ascendant + Saturn – Moon
  3. Part of Fatality: Ascendant + Saturn – Sun
  4. Part of Self-Undoing: Ascendant + H12 – Neptune
  5. Part of Danger/Violence: Ascendant + Mercury – Saturn
  6. Part of Suicide: Ascendant + H8 – Neptune
  7. Part of Catastrophe: Ascendant + Uranus – Sun
  8. Part of Murder: Ascendant + H8 – R8 (R = Ruler)
  9. Part of Cancer/Illness: Ascendant + Neptune – Jupiter
  10. Part of Most Perilous Year: Ascendant + R8 – Saturn
  11. Part of Sickness: Ascendant + Mars – Saturn
  12. Part of Soul: H4 + Moon – Sun


  • Solar Arc
  • Year (Age) Harmonics
  • Progressions can reveal the windows of opportunity will emerge from.
  • Transits – the planets in the Ascendant, 4th, 8th and 12th will indicate the possibility.
  • Midpoints
  • 4th and 8th house planets in transit in the charts of next of kin, especially parents and siblings

That’s a great deal of study even for the most experienced of astrologers. It’s not the end of the journey that matters, it’s the people one touches along the way. So live your lives to the fullest, and stop worrying about death and dying.

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