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Dear Reformers,

Dear Reformers,

Have you ever been in a public school classroom?

I have been in dozens over a 30-year period. There are hundreds of thousands of American public school teachers, many of them have taught longer than I have.

I know for a fact that your children, and the children of your peers did not attend public schools. The schools that have attended do not have Common Core, do not have a wasteful plethora of tests, but do have enrichment and challenge, Music and Art, a wonderful array of other programs, and very low class sizes.

I know that you are not trying to help public school students.

I know that you are in this solely for profit and power.


You want laborers and hamburger flippers, auto mechanics and truck drivers, security guards and secretaries.

You want followers, mice, people who don’t think outside the box, people who think every answer is multiple choice, people for whom there is only black and white and no gray.

Children are the biggest asset of our society. Their future is our future.

Their future is the future of the country and of the world.

We are no going to let you get away with this. I belong to several groups that are fighting against reformers and testing and Common Core and the privatization of public education. One of the groups is close to 50,000 members.

The groups consist of educators, parents and students, people who just care and who are deeply offended by your actions, hurt by your lies, and not deceived by your financial interventions.

We have declared war on you reformers. From Washington D. C., throughout the 50 states, people have just begun to fight. More members join these groups everyday.

Watch out reformers. We won’t give up. Public education is here to stay and teachers are a gift to the children of America. We won’t allow you to spoil that gift.

Stuart Goldurs, Teacher and proud of it.

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