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Dear Pope Francis

Goodbye Gay Priests
Goodbye Gay Priests
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Dear Pope Francis,

Much ado has been made of your famous line regarding priests that are homosexual. You asked, "Who am I to judge?" What you should have asked was, "How can I, being the Chief Emissary of Christ to my people, not judge them?" It is one thing to acknowledge that homosexuals of the laity have the same right to the same faith in God all have, and quite another to apply the same mercy and grace to the priests of God under your command. Is it possible for an unrighteous man to absolve the sins of another unrighteous person?

King Solomon asked God for wisdom to judge so great a people. How is it that you have not asked God for wisdom to judge your homosexual priests? You said if such have a right heart in their commitment to serve the church, "Who am I to judge?" You are as Solomon, a king ruling his people. Why don't you have the wisdom to govern those of the cloth that bring shame upon the heads of all? If you do not judge your priests, then you are a partaker with them in their unrighteousness.

You say that you cannot judge homosexual priests because you do not know the motive in their heart to be priests. You say that if the motive in their heart is to serve the church faithfully and do not act upon their homosexual desires to practice such, who are you to judge?

Let's look at the problem of priests becoming priests entirely because it is the easiest way to get inside a clandestine practicing group of homosexual men outside the scrutiny of the world. Is it true that there are lobbyists at the Vatican now that are demanding homosexual priests be recognized as legitimate priests of God and sanctified by the church? Pope Francis, why does it seem that neither you nor your priests of all kinds fear God?

How many years have passed since pedophile priests were found out by the world and the church that is supposed to represent Christ on the earth put to shame? If you recognize homosexual priests, albeit supposedly non-practicing ones, wouldn't such set the stage for even more sexual abuse of children, more contempt for your church and more scandals? After all, even if all homosexual priests vow not to practice that which is perverse about them, some will fail to keep their promise, and some will molest children.

It would seem to me that those seeking to be priests in your universal church should not only be allowed to marry a woman and have children, but encouraged to do so. Such would be a step forward in ridding the universal church of gay priests and pedophiles. More heterosexual men would seek a holy separation to God in righteousness as priests if they were encouraged to marry and have children. Wouldn't having more heterosexual men be priests lessen the need to keep those of the clandestine fraternity of homosexual priests? Heaven forbid that a lobby on behalf of homosexual priests be allowed to congregate in the hallowed halls of the Vatican! If there is a lobby at the Vatican, let it be for heterosexual men to marry and become priests

Where is the holiness, the prestige of righteousness, and the anointing of the chosen priests of God gone to? As it is written, he that will restrain shall restrain until he be taken out of the way…then shall that wicked one be revealed whose workings of all kinds of lying and false wonders be that of Satan. Where is the restraint? He has departed and now we are left in the hands of mad men that will not judge and who do corrupt the minds of the innocent and embrace perversity as though it was of Christ instead of righteousness. What heresy!! What blaspheme!! What damnation!

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