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Dear Michael Vick

I am writing this letter to you Mr. Vick even though I know it has been quite some time since you murdered all of those innocent dogs and while you claim you killed only 7/8, I am calling you a bold faced liar. You operated your dog killing operation for five years and you are one of the most pathetic excuses of a human being I hope I never have the disgusting opportunity to meet, if you think I believe one word that comes out of your lying mouth about killing only 7/8 dogs. My question to you is really? how do you live with yourself? I am sure all of the millions you are now making helps a great deal. The fancy cars and houses and the new wife, I am sure on top of being the shallow self centered person you already were makes it even easier to forget the lives you took and how you took them, hanging, beating, drowning and who knows what other means of torture you and your fellow looser accomplices used to kill hundreds of dogs and I do believe there were hundreds killed over a period of FIVE YEARS. I am sure those dogs were bred from birth to make you and your ring as much money as you could possibly bleed out of each and every single one of them. Innocent lives used for nothing but disgusting greed and cruelty. You even said yourself, proving you indeed knew exactly what you were doing when you admitted that your actions were "not only illegal but also cruel and reprehensible," you even further admitted to providing most of the money for the gambling side of the dog fighting operation. Do I think serving 21 months in jail and two months on home confinement was enough for what you did? Hell no. I believe you should have had everything taken away from you, your fame and fortune and any and all assets. I believe you should have been made a pauper, society should have then and now treat you as if you have the plague, you are a killer, then and now and always will be in my opinion. Do I think that when the Falcons demanded you pay back 20 million of the 37 million bonus you were paid was punishment enough? of course not. Do I feel sorry that you filed bankrupt in July of 2008? of course not. Am I happy that on Oct 10 an arbitrator ordered you to pay back 19.97 million of the 37 million bonus you received from the Falcons? of course I am. What I find further disgusting is that even though the arbitrator claimed you knew you were engaged in illegal activity when you signed your contract in 2004 and also that you had used a great deal of that bonus money to pay for the operation, you have still been allowed to make a comeback. Signing a one year contract in 2009 August 13th with the Philadelphia Eagles for 1.6 million dollars, then in 2011 August 29th signing another contract for 6 years, still with the Eagles in the amount of 100 million, with almost 40 million in guaranteed money. What kind of example have you set for cruelty? a very stupid, disgusting one. You do not now, nor then care about the lives you robbed. You were in it for the money then and still are. What have you given back compared to what you have taken? Those dogs were innocent and hundreds I believe are gone, lives taken in some of the worst ways they could have been taken. It saddens me that we as a society have rewarded you and so many like you. We have set you upon a thrown and said its okay that you did what you did, pretend your sorry, put on your game face and just run like hell to make more of those like you, the stupid and the greedy even more money. If I had my way, the perfect revenge would be to let the dogs you killed, maimed, tortured, drowned, hung and beat, these are some of the ways you admitted to destroying the dogs you no longer needed or used that were not making you money. Dogs you taught to be vicious and mean in the very worst way, not having eaten for days, being beaten and continuously mistreated from sun up to sun down, I would turn you loose in an open football field after being treated the exact same way you treated those dogs, hungry, hurt and begging for mercy, none of which you had for them and I would have none for you, stadium filled with so many of your fans who now know the truth about the double life you lived so proudly for five long years as a killer. A field you had played upon many times, fans watching, cheering you on and all the while you knew for five years you were killing helpless animals. Justice- I would reincarnate all of those dogs you killed, slowly and painfully and turn them loose on your stupid, cruel, pathetic, soulless body and say to you, Mr. Quarterback lets see how fast you can run now.