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Dear Justin Bieber, There's A Difference Between 'Carefree' And 'Careless'

Carefree Or Careless?
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Hearing news about celebrities being careless isn't really 'breaking' anymore; in fact, the whole thing is starting to sound like a broken record, one that according to Justin Bieber's fans is worth playing, regardless. Often, the rich and famous travel the world, in luxury style, and the paparazzi are always on the lookout for the latest tips on where they're going, what they're doing, and most importantly, with whom! The days when a pop star's travels were mostly about concerts are way over - especially now in our 'celebrity culture'. What they drive, eat, where they sleep and vacation is almost more important than the quality of their music.

I wish this article was about how Bieber came to promote a new album in Miami. But unfortunately, it's about reminding him that there's a difference between being careless and living a carefree lifestyle - indeed not giving into the worries of unnecessary stress. As it happens, Carefree Lifestyle is also the name of the popular-among-celebrities VIP concierge company, from which Bieber rented a mansion, three SUVs, that yellow Lamborghini and even bodyguards. According to Carefree Lifestyle's owners they "give everyone an opportunity to experience the best luxury can offer" hoping that their clients do so, responsibly. Well, that is not what Justin seems to be interested in, when one reads the latest CNN reports on the young superstar's questionable and irresponsible behavior, in the morning of his arrest.

With the GRAMMYs just hours away, some cynics could already be talking about a publicity stunt, something that talentless celebrities resort to, when in need of attention, negative or otherwise. That might not be the case here. But, Never Say Never, right, Justin? If he doesn't get his real-life act together, sadly, we'll be seeing a lot more 'careless' than 'carefree'.

Hopefully, the next time the Bieber is in Miami, I'll have something amazing to report on, and the mansion that he rents from Carefree Lifestyle will be for an album release party to turn the page on this incident. Some of his "believers" certainly need to see a different Bieber angle and we hope that it includes good music!

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