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Dear Housewives Advice Column


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Dear Readers,

Do you have a question regarding family life, budgeting, customer
service issues, DVD or book reviews, or home organization? We will
give you our candid advise from a family perspective. Contact us at with
your confidential question and we will answer it in the next column.

June and Flora

Dear Housewives,

I have a hard time staying organized with my home. For instance, I have
a hall coat closet that has shoes tossed in, scarves on the floor. Help
me! Motivate me ladies. Thanks.

Signed, I love my housewives in the U.S.A.

FLORA: For me, a task like yours seem so daunting but once I complete it,
I wonder, what took me so long! Look at your calendar and schedule your
closet cleaning as you would any other appointment. Your question
reminds me  that I too have a closet to tackle!

JUNE:  There are so many items on the market to help you organize. 
Start by measuring the area.  Then go to the store and see what items
suit your needs.  You can get some shelves or shoe cubbies on the bottom
and shelves above.  Most are fairly economical and will help you
organize your life.

Dear Housewives,

It is the time of year where bugs come out to play.  Unfortunately, I
have ants in my house.  I don't want to spray because I have babies in
the house.  What can I do to get rid of these pests?

Signed, Ant eater

JUNE:  Almost everyone gets this problem at some time.  I believe there
are child friendly sprays that can be used.  I do know you can buy ant
traps or poison houses at the store which are safe for kids.  I wouldn't
let them play with them but the poison is on the inside.  Also, be sure
to not leave any crumbs around.  This will attract the little buggers.

FLORA: Prevention is key. Eat at your table and no where else in the
house. Clean up immediately after cooking. As for the ants, unless it's
an infestation, I would just smush them all.

JUNE:  Do you remember the movie "Who framed Roger Rabbit?"?  This movie
was out in the 1990's I think.  You may not have even seen it yet Flora
(haha).  Well, anyway, I got it for the kids and they really liked it. 
Point being, rent some of the older kids movies--your kids will like
them.  My older son really liked "Hook" with Robin Williams and Julia

FLORA: I did not see "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". Stop laughing. And I
have not seen "Hook" yet either. But....I fully agree with you on
renting some older films for children. Remember that PG, back in the
day, is different from today's PG.