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Dear Housewives

Housewives are still around
Housewives are still around
People's Press

Dear Readers,

Do you have a question regarding family life, budgeting, customer
service issues, DVD or book reviews, or home organization? We will
give you our candid advise from a family perspective.
To have your question answered, contact the Housewives at

And of course, your name and email is always confidential.

June and Flora

Dear Housewives,
Do you have to give a friend's child a gift even if they don't have a birthday party? My friend is not having a party for her son but we have been friends for a while. Do I have to give a gift; money is tight?

Hate to be cheap in Meriden

JUNE: The short answer is yes. If you are good friends you should get her son a gift. It does not need to be extravagant but you should have something nicely wrapped along with a nice card. Most stores have clearance areas where you can get some small toy or game for under $10 marked down.

FLORA: If you cannot afford it, don't go off the budget or spend money you do not have. What you can do is this: Send a card. You can also include an invite to an afternoon of fun (take him to the park, or hiking on a trail). You can pack a lunch and make it a fun outing without going out of budget.

JUNE: Oh Flora, do lollipops and gumballs float through your head when you sleep? What kid would be happy to have his mom's friend come over and give him a hike and a pb & J for his birthday. No thank you. The amount you will spend on the lunch, put into a small gift and wrap it, you will get a better response.

Dear Housewives,

My best friend's kid hit mine, can I scold her child if it happens again or will it cause problems with my friend? Both our children are age nine.

Tension brewing in CT

FLORA: If you scream, yell and over-react, that may cause a problem with your friend. If you calmly and firmly correct him (if his Mom did not already) it should not be a problem. If you see a pattern of hitting, talk with the mom (your best friend) to discuss how you both can work at this situation.

JUNE: This is a tricky situation. It is a thin line to walk. At that age, they should be old enough to work it out themselves. If you have to get involved, if it was one sided and severe, then you really should be able to say something to her child and to her. Hopefully, your friend will scold her own child appropriately. If it was minimal and both kids were involved, let them figure it out. They are nine and equipped to work it out alone. They will get over it quickly, it is the parents that sometimes can't let it go.

Let's Chat

JUNE: Hi Flora, It has been a busy fall so far. My last and littlest "June" started preschool. I have a bit of empty nest syndrome with three whole hours alone each day. My house should be a lot cleaner. I thought I would have so much time to get things done but I don't. My middle June broke his little arm. He was in a long, over the elbow, cast for the past month. Now a short cast and he should be free by Halloween. My eldest June just made his JV basketball team so he is busy with basketball. I had jury duty but the murder trial I was on got postponed and we were all sent home. Of course, our house is filled with football, apples (we picked 24 lbs) and pumpkins. Enjoy your season.

FLORA: It is funny how three hours whizzes by when the children are in school. I hope you can find a way to pack in a lot of your homemaker duties in those 3 hours! Great to hear that the cast will be off by Halloween; he will be glad for that!

I am reading a lot. Poor Gone With the Wind has been put on pause, yet again, so I can read Michael Savage's Trickle Up Poverty. My goal is to finish that by November 2nd. I am also reading the book of Jeremiah in the Bible. Jeremiah was God's spokesman during the time when Israel and Judah were disobeying God over and over again; their hearts were turned away. They were warned than destruction came upon them. There is hope and restoration involved.

JUNE: Wow, Flora, sounds like a real "barn burner". No risk of sleepless nights because you can't put your book down in your house.

LOCAL PLAYHOUSE HAD.... We went to the Castle Craig players (Meriden) together to see 12 Angry Jurors. It was fantastic! The actors portrayed a group of jurors deliberating a death penalty case and they got very heated and nasty to each other. This is an adaptation of a movie that was well known in its time called 12 Angry Men. It starred Henry Fonda and Jack Klugman. We really had a fun time, the playhouse is small but the acting was big and well worth the cost. Look them up and go see a play. You won't regret it and you will probably be doing something new. Enjoy and tell 'em Flora and June sent you ;).

Here is wishing all of our Dear Readers a wonderful autumn season!


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