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Dear Elly is answering your baby name questions

Dear Elly
Dear Elly
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Dear Elly,

Q: My husband and I are close to celebrating our one year anniversary so we are still enjoying the honeymoon stage and are not quite preparing for children. We do discuss baby names on a regular basis however as we plan to expand our family in the next 2-3 years. While my husband and I are looking for names that are a little off the beaten path we definitely want to keep in mind that our children will grow up with the names that we choose for them (which is obviously a BIG deal). I am sure at some point we all hear a name that makes us think….What in the world were their parents thinking?? And while we give children names that are often so cute those cute babies grow up and become adults. I certainly think a person’s name can have a serious effect on how a person feels about him/herself and who they become.

Anywho… husband and I have agreed on 1 thing. Our children’s middle names will all start with a “K” (he has a son from a previous relationship with a K middle name). The only thing we have agreed on is a middle name of Kobe.

The two names that I have fallen in love with (and am still trying to sell my husband on) are:

Lathan Kobe and/or Jerryn Kobe

Do you think these could be used for a boy or girl or do they seem to masculine for a girl?

Thanks for your thoughts! I love your articles so keep up the great work!


Hi reneenjersey,

A: I agree with you that what we name our children can have a huge impact (and not always a good one) on their lives. That being said I think that Lathan Kobe and Jerryn Kobe are Awesome names for either a son or a daughter as unisex names are completely acceptable these days. What I like most about the first names Lathan and Jerryn is that they are completely unique yet not to "out there" to cause problems as your child grows up.

Hope this helps and congrats on celebrating your (almost) one year anniversary!


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