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'Dear Daddy' in seat 16c story goes viral: Man's kindness touches family

The “Dear Daddy” seat 16c story has gone viral on the Internet, and on Jan. 13 Huffington Post shared the details surrounding the story. The story revolves around a little girl named Kate, and the man next to her on an airplane whose kind heart impressed little Kate's mom.

A 'Dear Daddy' in seat 16c letter has gone viral
Screencap via HuffPost video

Sitting next to a little one on an airplane isn't necessarily most business travelers idea of a fun time. In the case of the “Dear Daddy” seat 16c story, however, one man was the exception to the norm. Shanell Mouland from the blog Go Team Kate wrote about her experience, and it's touched hearts everywhere.

Little Kate chatted up the man next to her on the plane, and every parent knows this could have led to glares and impatience. As it happens, Kate has autism, which could make many situations all the more difficult. Instead of glaring or making Kate and her mom uncomfortable, the man in the seat interacted with her warmly throughout the entire flight.

Kate's mom was so touched by the man, whom little Kate called “Daddy” throughout the flight, that she posted the “Dear Daddy” seat 16c letter on her blog. It has since been picked up by many outlets and shared extensively on social media. The original blog post has more than 400 comments and 69,000 Facebook likes.

In a day where there are plenty of discouraging reports regarding human nature floating around, many are embracing this story of Kate, her mom and the mystery man. Huffington Post chatted with Mouland, who reveals that she has now made contact with the man they encountered. She's been able to thank him personally, and it seems sure he is touched by her appreciation. Here's hoping that this story of the “Dear Daddy” seat 16c experience leads others to follow suit when it would be so easy to do otherwise.

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