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Dear daddy seat 16c: Autistic child's mom blogs about man in seat 16c

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A dear daddy seat 16c letter has gone viral today after a woman wrote the note to a man who was very kind to her autistic child on a recent flight. On Jan. 13, Huffington Post posted the letter which has gained thousands of likes and a ton of comments. The woman had high praise and a lot of gratitude for a man whom her daughter, Kate, referred to as "daddy" for much of the flight.

"I don't know your name, but Kate called you 'daddy' for the entire flight last week and you kindly never corrected her. In fact, you didn't even flinch as you could probably tell that she was not confusing you with her own "daddy," but instead making a judgment regarding your level of 'safety' for her. If she calls you 'daddy' then you better believe she thinks you are alright," Kate's mother started off.

The dear daddy letter for the man in seat 16c was posted on the "Go Team Kate" blog which is managed by Kate's parents. The letter got national attention and has since made thousands of people smile, giving new birth to the notion that there really are good people in this world.

You see, the man sitting next to Kate on the plane didn't try to ignore her or pretend to be sleeping -- or even request to move his seat. He engaged Kate, played with her, and never once showed that he was annoyed or frustrated. For this reason, Kate's mother wanted to thank him -- and she did so in an amazing way.

Although the dear "daddy" in seat 16c kept Kate company for the whole flight, it's unknown whether or not he read the blog or if he has responded in any way. His friendliness made someone's life better -- and that's a feel-good kind of accomplishment.

"Thank you for not making me repeat those awful apologetic sentences that I so often say in public. Thank you for entertaining Kate so much that she had her most successful plane ride, yet. And, thank you for putting your papers away and playing turtles with our girl," Kate's mother concluded.

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