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'Dear Daddy' letter to stranger on a plane from mom of autistic girl goes viral

To a parent of an autistic child, a plane ride is a frightening scenario. One blogger and mother of an autistic three-year-old, named Kate, was very nervous as she boarded a flight from Disney back home to Philadelphia. However, the actions of a kind stranger made her so thankful that she penned a blog post entitled "Dear 'Daddy' in Seat 16C Flight 1850 From Philly."

Mother of Autistic Girl on Plane sends blog post viral
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The letter was intended as a way to reach out, to find this man who was so kind to her daughter, and to thank him. The "Dear Daddy" letter to a complete stranger on a plane from this mom of an autistic girl has now gone viral.

The little girl was not confusing the man with her own daddy, who was on the same plane but seated separately due to ticketing. She was, as mother and blogger Shanell Mouland put it, making a judgment regarding the man's "level of safety" toward her. For an autistic child, feeling safe enough to interact with a complete stranger doesn't always come this easy.

In an interview with Huffington Post, mom Shanell Mouland, explained that boarding a plane with an autistic child quite often means meltdowns and behavior that often gets judgmental glances or worse. In her nervousness, she sat praying that a grandmotherly sort would sit in the extra seat open next to her daughter, Kate.

Instead, a man who looked like a businessman sat and played Ninja Turtles with a three-year-old autistic girl and made the flight bearable and memorable for Kate's mom. Perhaps, this man's simple act of kindness has given encouragement to other parents of autistic children.

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