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Dear Daddy


Our children, an important reason to be a good father. 

It is never too late nor would it be considered belated to even now, although the actual Fathers Day date was last week, or at any time to thank God for our father. There is no time limit when it comes to honoring them. In fact honoring our parents is one of the Big Ten, Commandments, that is. The first three Commandments honor God and the last ones honor mankind starting with our parents first.

Enjoy reading some prayers of thanksgiving.

  Nathan and Noah 

Dear God,
Thank you for giving me the father that I have. He is strong, helpful and very nice. He has taught me many things and I really thank him for that. I am glad you chose him as my father. Amen. Love, Nathan
Dear God
Thank you for my Dad. He is a great father. He does his best to have me grow up right. I love him because he cares for me no matter what. He takes me to school and picks me up from school. I love him because he wants me to be successful in life. He wants me to have a joyful life. Love, Noah


Dear Father in Heaven,
I simply cannot thank you enough for the earthly father you gave me, now gone over 22 years and yet the memories I have are fresh and still new in my heart. He was a quiet man who listened--really listened to me. He cared what I had to say. If there was anything distracting him (radio, TV), he would quickly turn it off so that he could really hear me--he was truly interested in me and really heard what I said and would ask questions. I knew if he said he would pray for me, I could take it to the bank! I believe it is because of this loving earthly father that I trust so much in my heavenly father--I know, Lord that you really care and I know you hear and I know you answer. You set a wonderful example before me in my earthly life--how could I not trust you? Thank you for my father and all he has meant in my life! And thank you that you are a thousand times more caring and concerned and you are not limited by time and space as he was. Thank you that your mercies are new every morning--they are manna to me! Love, Marlys


Dear God,
I was thinking about my dad again today and was hoping that you could let him know that. I don't know how things work up there, and maybe it's not possible, but if it is, can you please tell him that I am so grateful for how he raised me. I wasn't an easy child. I wasn't even his "natural" child. Yet he loved me. He reminds me so much of Jesus in that way. His last few years on earth weren't easy. He suffered physically and he was tired. I can't wait until he receives his new resurrected body -- I know he will dance a jig! We even talked about that when he was in the nursing home -- how he was sure looking forward to a new glorified body because his earthly one was pretty worn out. Thank you Jesus for giving us hope of a new day for my dad. Love, Carmen




Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank You for my earthly father's arms that You placed me into right away when I was born. My father was not perfect, but You knew that he had so many character qualities that are Yours. He protected and provided for me as best as he knew how every day of my life until I was married. I never went hungry and always had shelter and clothing. He has loved my mother through many difficult times, and there was never any question of his faithfulness to her. And most of all, Father, he made sure that I knew who You and Your Son are. He did everything he knew how to make sure that he placed me securely in Your arms for my care just as You had done to him so many years ago. Thank You, again. You knew exactly what I needed in a father to become the child of God You desired for me. Your child, Ginny


   Brett & Chad 

Dad, you’re one of a kind!  So if I’m a little unusual myself, remember I got it from you!   I wouldn’t have it any other way, thank You Lord!  Happy Father’s Day   Love, Brett and Chad

 Dear Heavenly Father
I thank You for my Daddy. He was a good father. He would stop working early to take me to band practice and Bible study (Mom didn’t drive). He was a very hard worker. He blessed our family by reading one chapter of the Bible and discussing it with the family after supper each evening. I’m glad he introduced me to You, God, so I can know your love and forgiveness through Your son, Jesus. He wanted me to be obedient and do the things he asked. I’m glad he wanted me to live according to Your word and ways. Love, Judy




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