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Dear CW: How do I approach him?

If you have questions, email
If you have questions, email
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Dear CW:

So you know I'm not an approach em kinda gal. But there's someone I'm interested in. We're Facebook friends. Is it stalker ish to send a msg?- First Time Approacher

Dear First Time Approacher:

Go for it! Apparently Facebook is like a house party these days. You have mutual friends and new people there. You can chat with people privately or publicly. There are games and festitivities all available via Facebook.

Does that not seem like a house party to you?

Often ladies feel like approaching a man takes them out of the element of being a lady. Not true. A mere introduction and showing of interest, is just that. Nothing more. Often a guy has no clue that you are interested in him.

Men are usually put in the position of making the first move and facing possible rejection. So they are apprehensive about approaching. So showing a little interest will take the pressure off of him. The bonus for you is, it is Facebook. Therefore, a lot of the pressure is off of you as well.

Good luck! Now go get your man!


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