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Dear cat (dog, horse, bird) lady

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Dear rescue lady, (because it's not just cats)

Your cats have eaten your life. I know you don’t blame them and that is good because it truly is not their fault. I certainly don’t blame them. Many people blame you, and that may not be fair either. Over 8,000 animal shelter and rescue groups in the country cannot find homes for all the animals in need today. Please know, we do a much better job of it in the last few years. We’ve come a long way. If your cats are fairly healthy but there are so many that you’ve fallen behind due to the expense, you are just the person I’m trying to reach.

It is hard to let any of your cats go to a new home because you know most people do not go to the lengths you do to provide for and protect cats. I understand. What if the new owner doesn't buy the grain free food you know is best? What if they don’t believe that Mortimer hates to be brushed behind his ears? This is the hardest part of rescue. You save the cat from certain death only to take a chance on the interested adopter? Impossible.

I know you think we will take your cats away and kill them. I can’t say this is a baseless fear. If you wait too long you’ll have 50 cats who are thin, flea infested, and suffering from upper respiratory infections and even leukemia. If this is the case, we may be faced with making some tough decisions.

We should compromise. There are groups who do care as much as you do. Hard to believe, I know. They are not the government and they CAN help you before it’s too late. Please, don’t wait until I have no choice but to use a search warrant to take your cats, overwhelm the shelter and raise the chance that some of the cats will not be saved. Get help now.

Shelter Lady

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