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Dear brother stop fighting over moms money before she dies and nut up

“You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it.”~Tennessee Williams

Dear Brother Nut Up
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Warning A$$ is used in this article...;-)

This New Year brings for some happiness and joy, for others family drama and greed. An anonymous reader, who needed to convey something to her brother, wrote this letter. I am sure there are plenty of siblings out there in cyber land nitpicking over who gets to play in the tree house.

Hey, guys just remember there are even more lawyers snickering up their sleeves.

Try to get along people! Fight over the scraps after the funeral.

Here is the letter, only slightly changed and written by Anonymous, sister of A$$-hat.

“Dear brother,

I have been POA for our mother since 2003-I am co-owner of every bank account, CD, savings account and the house, all jointly owned, for nearly 30 years. I have followed, for years, what our father and mother told me to do.

Now, that Mom is living her last years and needs the money for medical help! I find out you are going to court, behind my back, to get control of her money!

Do you realize that court cases are not cheap.

Mom’s court appointed ‘Guardian Ad Litem’, charges $275 per hour. Take in account that I also need a lawyer, did you forget, I am broke and on disability.

All this money will go to the courts! Because of you, our mother will die without a penny for burial.

You, dear Brother, I wondered’ why’ you want our mother out of the assisted living home? She is in a wonderful place that helps her with her every need – and she needs a lot due her dementia and other ‘private’ health issues.

You told me you can’t talk to her for more than a few minutes, before she drives you crazy, realistically you can’t take care of her. Your wife is disabled, and she can’t take care of her.

Therefore, I have only the last words you and your wife said to me to fall back on – you want ‘your’ half of the inheritance and your wife, well- we both know what she said, (* the writer removed this. I don’t need to repeat it here.)

Dear Brother, If you are listening to your wife, get your head out of your A$$ and nut up. “

*To protect the innocent no names were used.*

Are you having or have you had family problems caused by money, or things? Has 2014 started with a A$$Hat?

Here is the perfect picture for this article

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