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Deandre Kelley pleads not guilty to killing his eleven-year-old daughter

On Monday, Deandre Kelley, 34, plead not guilty to intentionally shooting and killing his daughter, Shanti Lanz, 11. The Cincinnati Enquirer covered this tragic story about a father who killed his daughter for no apparent reason. Judge Melissa Powers set Kelley’s bond at $500,000. Authorities have charged Kelley with reckless homicide.

Shanti Lanz, 11, died from a gunshot wound on Sunday.
Cincinnati Enquirer

He turned himself into the police on Sunday morning after shooting a gun outside of his family’s home. One of the shots went through a window and killed Shanti. Kelley’s court-appointed attorney referred to the incident as an accident.

The shooting occurred after Kelley argued with Shanti’s mother, who didn’t want him to enter the house while intoxicated. After the argument, he began firing shots near the house. In 2012, Kelsey also lost another child to gun violence. Shanti attended Riverside Academy, where grief counselors met with classmates today. The Enquirer also reports that Kelley has been in trouble for past domestic violence crimes. Kelley’s past legal troubles include traffic, drug, and alcohol related charges.

For complete details about this tragic death, please visit the Cincinnati Enquirer website.

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